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The Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services is dedicated to assisting those that are in need financially and also for those that are looking for some education support. They are divided into two different campus, the food distribution campus and the family services campus, where they help with the distribution of clothes and also offers English as a Second Language classes with some tutors and teachers assistance.

By Emily Mello,  Jack Harris and Oden Taylor 

This holiday season, consider giving back to your community through one of these great volunteer opportunities. At the Front Street Animal Shelter, you can bring out your inner animal lover. Find a human connection through one of the many volunteer options at Loaves and Fishes. Or, make sure everybody can put food on the table this holiday season by volunteering at the Sacramento Food Bank.  

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Emily Mello
Emily Mello is in her third semester with the Current and her second semester as Photo Editor. Mello is a recreation/journalism major and hopes to transfer to a four year college to finish her education back in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mello hopes to pursue a career in the sports area since she is a huge fan of soccer and sports in general.

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