Everything you need to know about ARC’s Wi-Fi

Wi-fi at ARC is available for free to all enrolled students, but it doesn't come without its problems. (File photo)

Every semester, students flood the library and student center to use the internet in order to get their work done .

When the computer labs in the library and Learning Resource Center are full, students pull out their own laptops and smartphones to finish assignments

All registered students have access to the Los Rios Wi-Fi network, and even though everyone is able to connect that doesn’t mean everyone knows how.

ARC student and business major Matt Lomas is one of the many students who says he has no idea how the process works.

“I have no idea how to log on, I had (my friend) do it for me,” Lomas says.

Getting access to the internet on campus can seem tricky, but it’s easier than it looks.

To connect:

  1. Open the wifi connection settings on a phone or laptop.
  1. Select “LRCCD.”
  1. When prompted for a username and password, enter a valid student ID (W+ ID number) and the same password used for eServices and D2L.

Ignore the networks “arc_instruct” and “guest.” These won’t log you in properly.

Don’t forget that passwords expire. Make sure to update yours when notified.

American River College’s Senior IT technician Kevin Woodard said “mostly students not remembering their passwords,” is the most common problem but he also said if there is still difficulty connecting, an alternate and common problem is out there.

The phone will notify the user when the certificate, an entity that certifies the ownership of a public key by the named subject of the certificate, needs to be updated. When this appears click yes, this tells the Los Rios system that the student is authorized.

In the case that the students password on eServices needs to be reset, the certificate needs to be killed and this has to be done manually.

Although the Wi-Fi indicator appears in the top, right or left corner of the phone, “Forget Network” needs to be selected; this will force the certificate out.

At this point a new certificate will need to be added to your phone. Once again a valid username must be entered ID (W+ ID number) the same password used for eServices and D2L.

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