Breaking News: Slapping petitioner convicted of murder

An earlier version of this story falsely reported that Postelnyak had been convicted of second-degree murder. In fact, the conviction was for murder in the first degree.

A man arrested last March for slapping an American River College student on campus was convicted of first-degree murder Thursday, according to the Sacramento Bee.

According to the Bee, Pavel Postelnyak, 24, was convicted in the murder of Anthony Johnson, 28, who worked with Postelnyak at a company that gathered petitions. Johnson was shot fatally on May 18 and Postelnyak was arrested May 21.

Postelnyak was arrested last March for slapping American River College student Peter Messick while gathering petitions at ARC.

His mother Larisa told the Current last year that her son has a mental illness.

The Current will update this story as more information becomes available.

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