Sushi in Carmichael under new ownership
Chef Jimmy Kil serving up a plate of dragon roll

Phillip Kingsley

Chef Jimmy Kil serving up a plate of dragon roll.

Phillip Kingsley, Staff Photographer
March 10, 2014

Many people enjoy sushi. Some people may have a specific place they prefer to go. Mikuni, Blue Nami, Taro’s, making a trip all the way to Roseville and Folsom, but not everyone knows about the hidden gem right here in the heart of Carmichael. Enter Shogun Sushi. Shogun is located at 7330 Fair Oaks Blvd […]

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Kebab a crown jewel at Royal Kebab

The Tasty Kung Pao Vegeken, a vegetarian version of Chinese restaurant staple Kung Pao Chicken, is served with mixed cubed vegetables, peanuts and wheat-based meat replacement in a spicy sauce. Hot vegan couture

Firebird Russian Restaurant and Gallery serves traditional Eastern and Central European fare such as (clockwise from left) cucumber and cabbage salad, mashed-potato latkes and golubtsi, cabbage rolls stuffed with beef and rice. Diversity in dining found in local Russian restaurant

IMG_8826copy This food won’t throw off your groove

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RyggWorkedWeb ARC student builds reputation for award-winning cosplay

Starbucksworkedweb Student Center Starbucks hosts district managers for product launch

_MG_0553web Claymation workshop brings art to life at ARC

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