The Terrible War’s sesquicentennial honored at ARC’s college hour


Nicholas Corey, staff
April 24, 2015

Slavery, death and battles taking place on American soil are just a few of the horrors Americans faced during the Civil War. American River College history professors Sarah Lee and Richard Pagett hosted a college hour depicting this tragic war. Lee focused specifically on the roles of women during the... Read more »

Professors catalog biological diversity across campus


Mychael Jones, Staff
April 23, 2015

Biology professors Rick Topinka and Kathy Bradshaw joined with natural resource department colleague Jennifer Neal to discuss the biological diversity on campus and introduce students to a new phone application for nature enthusiasts Tuesday. Topinka, who hopes to get students excited about the various... Read more »

Earth day celebrated at ARC

American River College celebrates Earth Day with, among many other things, a paper mache tree located in the Learning Resource Center, for students to write down what they are doing to be friendly  to the earth and taping them to the said tree. Outside the LRC were many activities for students  with food, music and various booths encouraging conscious efforts to help out the environment.

Brandon Nelson, Scene co-editor
April 22, 2015

A previous version of this story falsely stated that Earth day began in 1990. This story was also updated to correct the spelling of Omba Kipuke’s name.  Earth day was first started in April 22, 1970 and was celebrated today at American River College. Several different booths were lined up in... Read more »

Veterans gather for the Valor Games

IMG_7004 web

Brandon Nelson, Scene co-editor
April 20, 2015

On Friday, American River College hosted its first Valor Games. A day of fun and food meant to facilitate advocacy for the veterans on campus, the theme was “are you tougher than a veteran?” The day’s events included a “jousting” event where two students would stand on a platform and... Read more »

Valor Games photo gallery

IMG_7034 web

April 17, 2015

On April 17, the American River College Veterans Club hosted the Valor Games. The Valor Games is an event that is intended to spur advocacy for veterans on campus.         Matthew Wilke, a journalism major, fights Garrett Kegel,... Read more »

Husband of Holocaust survivor recounts his wife’s story at college hour

Conrad Tracy, husband of Holocaust survivor Renee Heck, shows the audience the approximate location of where Heck and her mother escaped to in France when they left their home in Germany. Tracy shared the story of his wife, who had passed last spring, during an event that remembered survivors of the Holocaust.

Cheyenne Drury, A&C co-editor
April 17, 2015

In honor of Yom Ha’Shoah, or Holocaust remembrance day, the husband of Holocaust survivor Renee Heck came and retold his wife’s story to students at American River College in Raef Hall room 160. Heck past away last year and in the previous years spoke at ARC about her experience in the Auschwitz... Read more »

‘How to get a state job’ lecture given over spring break

IMG_5656 copy

Meredith Durham, Staff
April 14, 2015

After American River College turned prospective workers away from a job fair because there was standing room only, Sacramento County coordinator Betty Conley organized another presentation of “How to get a state job” over spring break. Over 100 people attended another state job talk, this time at... Read more »

Child Development Center sells goodies to raise funds


Jose Garcia, Sceen co-editor
April 13, 2015

The Child Development Center held its annual bake sale Wednesday in an effort to raise funds for the children in its program. The money that was raised will be used to buy the children more food for their lunch as well as more classroom pets such as turtles, fish and hamsters, which the children are... Read more »

Students are urged to “LinkIn” at college hour

Melissa Fish, right, and students attending the event discuss future job opportunities and how LinkedIn could play a strategic part in job hunting.

Lena DoBynes, Copy Editor
April 7, 2015

An event discussing the value of social networking in order to achieve career success was held on March 25 by the Career Center in community room 167, covering topics such as using the social network LinkedIn to present oneself to potential employers, networking and developing one’s brand. Thirty-one... Read more »

Amtgard Club activities halted


Brandon Nelson, Scene Co-Editor
March 30, 2015

The Amtgard Club has been dealt a devastating blow that has crippled them. Members of the club are now searching for a replacement advisor, asking various professors on campus if they would be interested in stepping into the role. Amtgard is a form of Live Action Role Playing where members take homemade... Read more »

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