ARC plant sales grow horticulture department funds

Nicole Gruggs an Intrum Administrative assistant examines a plant during a plant sale hosted by the horticulture department.

Brandon Nelson, Scene co-editor
March 25, 2015

On Wednesday the Horticulture department hosted a plant sale to generate extra income. The sale was located in the back of the school in the Horticulture department next to the automotive department. Students could be seen walking back to see the various plants for sale during the days event. Prices... Read more »

College Hour screens powerful documentary about girls around the world

Students who attended the College hour last Thursday were shown a screening of Girl Rising a movie that chronicled the hardships of nine.

Meredith Durham, Staff
March 23, 2015

Thursday’s college hour was transformed from a lecture hour to a video screening, and it was an emotional ride for some in attendance. “I can’t believe she can’t even show her face, or read,” said Marina Stefanova, a pre-nursing major who cried during the narration of one of the girl’s story. Author... Read more »

Monterey Bay volunteers discuss the research they’ve gathered

A pup lies resting in sea grass at the Elkhorn Slough while its mother forages for food.

Jose Garcia, Scene co-editor
March 23, 2015

Sea otters were the topic of discussion at a college hour held Friday, which invited researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium to speak with students about the importance of the species as a whole and the conservation work they are doing to help save them. The event was organized by professor Diane... Read more »

Diversity Day commemorates cultural differences

A table at the Diversity Day displayed examples and literature that are taught to our preschoolers concerning diversity.

Mychael Jones, Staff
March 19, 2015

Diversity Day on Friday became a platform for students to hear speakers tell informal stories about perseverance and respecting a job title without stereotyping. The event also allowed audience members the opportunity to ask questions and allow for feedback from the storytellers. Kristina Casper-Denman,... Read more »

Lecture explains the physics behind the stars


Meredith Durham, Staff
March 19, 2015

Physics professor Victor Zarate gave a lecture about the physics of stars to a room full of math and science majors on March 11. Every seat was taken up during the hour long lecture, when Zarate utilized an intensive slideshow to display the physical makeup of the brightest stars in our sky. The lecture... Read more »

Native American women face complex duality of being survivors and culture bearers


Meredith Durham, Staff
March 19, 2015

The second week of college hour sessions covering women’s history featured a discussion on the mistreatment of Native American women, including topics such as domestic abuse and sexism. Sacramento State graduate student Dayna Barrios, who was the guest speaker for the event, began Thursday’s college... Read more »

Peer coaching assists disabled students

Suzette Brand(left), proctor in the DSP&S department looks on as Irina Li,(middle) Peer couch and also an ARC student volunteer, helping a student with her studies.

Mary-Ann Myers, Staff
March 17, 2015

A new program in the Disabled Student Programs and Services Department, or DSPS, is looking for students to volunteer to assist handicapped students with their school work. The Peer Coaching Development Program, located inside the DSPS building at the north entrance of the Student Services building,... Read more »

Mathematics department has fun with Pi

Richard Martel raises the hand of Colton Dargue, winner of the pie eating contest. The contests was one of the events and games that math department prepared for the Pi Day celebration that took place at ARC’s Math Quad on Mar. 12. Dargue, in addition to winning a pie-eating contest, also completed a Pin The Decimal game and a math puzzle.

Mychael Jones, Staff
March 17, 2015

Pi Day, which falls on March 14, was celebrated by the mathematics department two days early through an event consisting of pie, games and learning about the mathematical constant Thursday. Pi, which approximates to 3.14, is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. This year’s celebration... Read more »

Domestic violence against Native American women will be discussed in today’s college hour

Lena DoBynes, Copy Editor
March 12, 2015

Domestic violence against Native American women will be the topic of discussion at today’s college hour in Raef Hall 160 from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m Dayna Barrios, a Native American woman and graduate student in the anthropology department at Sacramento State, will be speaking at the event. “Violence... Read more »

Pi day to be celebrated at American River College


Alex Panasenko, Staff
March 12, 2015

For Pi Day this year, American River College’s math department will be holding a presentation about the history of the number pi, answering questions students may have about math, and organizing games and activities with prizes such as pies and pi themed t-shirts. While last year’s Pi Day talk... Read more »

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