Current Editorial Board
March 24, 2014

Following the arrest of a petitioner accused of slapping theater major Peter Messick on March 4, American River College students have begun to question the advisability of allowing the campus to operate, as Dean of Student Services Manuel Perez put it, “like a public park.” Since the beginning of... Read more »

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"If we don't award ourselves in some way, no one else on campus is going to." -ASB Student Senate President Kenneth Hinton

Current Editorial Board
March 12, 2014

The American River College Associated Student Body Student Senate debated during an official meeting last month how much of the students’ money it would spend to pat itself on the collective back for a job well done. The mission statement of the ASB Student Senate, as presented in the ASB constitution,... Read more »

Editorial: Developing trend toward free education to be watched

Current Editorial Board
February 24, 2014

During a recent State of the State address, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam urged the adoption of his “Drive to 55” plan, a part of which, dubbed the “Tennessee Promise,” is to make the first two years toward an associate degree tuition and fee-free for high school graduates, provided they meet certain... Read more »

Editorial: Is ACA OK for ARC?

February 12, 2014

With the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, many students at American River College are now allowed to stay on their parent’s health care plans until they reach the age of 26, and others are able to buy insurance through the marketplaces in their states. But... Read more »

Counseling Gridlock

Current Staff
December 12, 2013

It is usually around this time of the year that many of the almost 35,000 students try to utilize one of the 25 counselors on campus to discuss what classes they need to take in the upcoming semester to further their educational goals. The problem that students encounter is the lack of availability of... Read more »

AB 955: proceed with caution

Current Staff
December 12, 2013

At semester’s start, seats are filled in most general education courses. Students who don’t make it in are waitlisted. This happens too often. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 995 on Thursday in a step toward alleviating the problem of overcrowding in community colleges. AB 955 allows select community... Read more »

No more cutting in line

Current Staff
December 3, 2013

Continuing American River College students with more than 90 degree-applicable semester units will lose priority registration status and be eligible for open enrollment only, beginning summer 2014. Currently the limit is 100 units. This new rule applies to all students who had previously received priority... Read more »

Current Editorial: ARC devoid of school spirit

Current Staff
October 30, 2013

When ARC’s undefeated football team took to the field Oct. 19, they did so before a reprehensibly small crowd. Of approximately 350 spectators in attendance, more than 70 were there to see the opposing team. Last spring’s Student Senate elections only garnered 950 participants. Sadly, this was a... Read more »

How the campus crumbles

Current Staff
October 1, 2013

Funded district still neglects campus maintenance These are the times at American River College that students take notice of the minor things in need of fixing. At the beginning of this semester, it seemed that every door in Davies Hall was broken, and it was a guessing game as to how to get out of the... Read more »

Can the ASB and its acting president get their act together?

Current Staff
September 18, 2013

In politics, rookies get eaten alive. It doesn’t help when the tumultuous waters in which the Associated Student Body Student Senate swim are full of obstacles that lie just below the surface. The fact that elected president Tyrone Robinson jumped ship at the beginning of the semester didn’t... Read more »

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