Editorial: Put away your wallet


Current Editorial Board
April 24, 2015

At almost every level of higher education, students complain that tuition costs are too high, class materials cost too much and it is otherwise too costly to live while putting in the work to get that college degree. The bottom line is that spending money on tattoos, cigarettes and other luxuries not... Read more »

Editorial: Lift the Smokescreen

Designated smoking areas are an ideal way to allow the use of tobacco and e-cigarette devices without non-smokers  facing the health effects of second-hand smoke.

Current Editorial Board
April 18, 2015

The United States is a very different place today than it was just 50 years ago. Smoking cigarettes in the office or while dining with significant others was not just considered normal, it was a show of class, prestige and even social standing. Those days have passed, and with countless scientific studies... Read more »

Editorial: You are not entitled

Current Editorial Board
March 26, 2015

American River College is very diverse. On this campus, one can find students of every age, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background. Unfortunately, ARC is representative of society in another way: there is a widespread culture of entitlement among our students. President Barack... Read more »

Director of “Blues for Mr. Charlie” doesn’t need to apologize for anything

Current editorial board
March 8, 2015

We tend to want to look away from things that make us uncomfortable. Sometimes, however, something is so uncomfortable that we not only need to look, we shouldn’t be warned or mince words. American River College professor and theater director Sam Williams’ decision to provide a warning before the... Read more »

Editorial: Online forum on Current website allows students to buy, trade, and sell books

Current Editorial Board
February 12, 2015

Students need a place outside of the Beaver Bookstore to buy, sell, and trade textbooks with each other. The Beaver Bookstore, American River College’s student supply center, currently has a textbook buyback program in place for students to exchange their previously used textbooks for cash, but they... Read more »

Editorial: CAEB president has got to go


Current editorial board
December 2, 2014

Within one month, Clubs and Events Board President Jeremy Diefenbacher has demonstrated such a lack of accountability and overwhelming disrespect for both the office he was elected to and the students that elected him that only one meaningful option remains: resignation. Diefenbacher’s recent behavior... Read more »

Don’t tolerate the violence

November 10, 2014

Witnesses of the four-woman brawl that began in the cafeteria and escalated to the area in front of the bookstore on Oct. 27 expressed shock that an institution of higher learning was the scene of such an occurrence. “I’m really appalled that this happened, especially at a college campus,” said... Read more »

Bachelor’s Degree program should be available at ARC: Third largest community college in California should offer more opportunities

October 20, 2014

Bachelor’s degrees for select disciplines will be offered at 15 California community colleges beginning in 2017, but, somehow, not at American River College. With ARC being the third largest community college in the state and in close proximity to the capital city, the Los Rios Community College District... Read more »

Didn’t vote? Doesn’t matter: Disenfranchised ASB voters still have no answers

September 16, 2014

Following the second Associated Student Body Student Senate special election in one year, Jorge Riley has once again been denied the Student Senate presidency, losing to opponent Tamara Dunning by a margin of one vote. But why did it come to this? Why was Riley’s win in the spring election invalidated?... Read more »

Dear Mr. President.

Current Staff
May 6, 2014

Los Rios Community College District Chancellor Brian King announced April 22 that he will be recommending Thomas Greene, vice president of Lake Tahoe Community College, to replace American River College interim President Pam Walker. The editorial board of the Current suggests some issues for the new... Read more »

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