Victim of armed robbery speaks: “I was terrified for my life”


Barbara Harvey, Editor-in-chief
November 26, 2014

The victim of the recent armed robbery on the Arcade Creek Trail described feeling “terrified for (her) life” while her attackers threatened her with a gun and tales of raping and murdering women in an interview with the Current. Casey Genzlinger, a 20-year-old English major at American River College,... Read more »

Los Rios Police and ARC administration work to reduce Arcade Creek trail crime

IMG_7639WEB (1)

John Ferrannini, News Editor
November 25, 2014

In the aftermath of the armed robbery on the Arcade Creek trail on Nov. 17, the administration and police of American River College are actively searching for ways to both alert the student body to the danger posed by the trail and prevent further crime. ARC President Thomas Greene is looking to work... Read more »

Student government leaders sent home from General Assembly for substance incidents


John Ferrannini, News Editor
November 25, 2014

Two high-ranking members of American River College’s student government were sent home early from the General Assembly for California Community College Student Senates for what Director of Public Relations Cameron Weaver said were incidents “regarding substances.” David Hylton, the director of... Read more »

Fierce: CAEB President’s transgender comment “should not have been said”

Real Diefenbacher

John Ferrannini, News Editor
November 24, 2014

Associated Student Body Clubs and Events Board President Jeremy Diefenbacher has denied requests for interviews from the Current as students speak out in the wake of his use of the term “trannies” for transgender individuals at a board meeting. “Shoot our trannies,” Diefenbacher said at a CAEB... Read more »

Sac County Sheriffs and campus police search construction site for trespasser


Kameron Schmid, Arts and Culture editor
November 22, 2014

In what was described by deputies as a search for a possible thief in an open construction site, approximately half a dozen police vehicles, including both campus police and Sacramento County Sheriffs, descended onto the east side of American River College’s main campus Saturday afternoon, near the... Read more »

Some Los Rios student accounts accidentally deleted by district

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.23.48 PM

John Ferrannini, News Editor
November 19, 2014

An unspecified number of student accounts with Desire2Learn, Los Rios Gmail, and eServices were “accidentally deleted” by the Los Rios district yesterday, according to an email sent to American River College faculty. The email goes on to say that “students with assignments and quizzes DUE NOW in... Read more »

Psychologists visit campus to discuss career paths


Matthew Peirson, Opinion Editor
November 19, 2014

Three psychologists spoke on the American River College campus Tuesday about their respective experiences in their studies, running their own businesses, and separating work and personal mindsets with patients at a college hour in Raef Hall. “I sit with people on the worst day of their life,” said... Read more »

Suspects in Tuesday’s campus robbery match suspects in thwarted robbery last month


John Ferrannini, News editor
November 18, 2014

An earlier version of this story included the license plate number of the suspected vehicle, which has been omitted so as not to interfere with an ongoing police investigation. Suspects in a robbery that occurred on the American River College campus Tuesday match the description of suspects in a robbery... Read more »

CAEB President apologizes for remarks aimed at transgender people


John Ferrannini, News Editor
November 18, 2014

Clubs and Events Board President Jeremy Diefenbacher apologized at Tuesdays meeting for an insensitive comment directed at transgender people. “‘Shoot our trannies’ is not what I meant,” said Diefenbacher. “At General Assembly, I asked how to better represent them. It is something that needs... Read more »

Senate poised to spend thousands giving students contact information


John Ferrannini, News Editor
November 18, 2014

Student Senate is poised to spend up to $4,000 of student money printing customized folders to be placed on tables around the school containing the contact information of Senate members and local representatives, as well as a list of upcoming advocacy events. The folders will also contain a school map. ASB... Read more »

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