‘The Deafhood Monologues’ is a touching play that focuses in on Deaf cultures


Joseph Daniels, Staff
December 2, 2014

The American River College production “The Deafhood Monologues,” which featured an all-Deaf cast who signed all of their lines, was a beautiful attempt to form a connection between those who are able to hear to the Deaf community. The production also featured voice-overs for those who cannot interpret... Read more »

‘Honky Tonk Parade’ creates some happiness


Kameron Schmid, Arts and Culture Editor
December 2, 2014

During “A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot,” the last scene of American River College theater’s production of “Honky Tonk Parade,” two characters, Bessie and Flora, are drunk at a bar, and quickly falling in and out of favor with each other, as drunk people often do. The subject of their... Read more »

“The Deafhood Monologues,” shines a light on Deaf culture


Joseph Daniels, Staff
November 21, 2014

An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified Deaf Culture as “hearing impaired.” “The Deafhood Monologues,” a play partly inspired by “The Vagina Monologues” that intends to shed light into deaf culture will be performed this Saturday and Sunday at American River College. The... Read more »

Sac State’s production of “Water by the Spoonful” tackles adult themes


Joseph Daniels, Staff
November 21, 2014

Sacramento State’s production of “Water by the Spoonful,” directed by Roberto Pomo, is an emotional play that deals with drug addiction, online identities and is filled with complex characters that makes the audience feel as if they were voyeurs. “Water by the Spoonful” was written by Quiara... Read more »

Student talent showcased at auditions for fundraiser play, “Gumbo”


Joseph Daniels, Staff
November 20, 2014

Before beginning his magic show at the auditions for the upcoming American River College production “Gumbo,” ARC student Spencer Murrish said the one thing he learned in college was that girls love a guy who has a “big deck.” “Gumbo,” a show featuring performers who can audition with any... Read more »

Actors from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival visit American River College


Joseph Daniels, Staff
November 19, 2014

Actors Michael Goodman and Juan Parada from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival came to American River College Monday to discuss how the theme of friendship is interwoven throughout Shakespeare’s plays by alternating back and forth between lecture and acting. Goodman began by playing a song dedicated to... Read more »

Concert and Symphonic Bands rock ARC Theater

Jose Garcia, Staff
November 18, 2014

The American River College Concert and Symphonic bands performed a selection based on what can be viewed as the most basic element of music, rhythm, on Nov. 10. Numerous elements of rhythm were demonstrated at “It’s About Time!” The director of the program, professor Susan Hamre, was thrilled with... Read more »

Creative open mic ‘Cafe Noir’ features talented acts


Kameron Schmid, Arts and Culture editor
November 9, 2014

With performances in multiple styles, including song, poetry, improvisation and acting, Theater Arts Club’s first “Cafe Noir” of the semester, which took place on Nov. 4, was a fun way for the artistically inclined to practice their craft in a front of a live crowd of about two dozen students and... Read more »

Halloween is a satisfying scare, according to ARC professors


Joseph Daniels, Staff
October 31, 2014

Every Halloween, Americans express a desire to be frightened and horrified to get into the spirit of the holiday. But why do we enjoy being scared? American River College professors shared their insight into why people are attracted to horrors that go bump in the night. ARC theater professor Pamela Downs... Read more »

Ashley Rose: From young bridesmaid to ‘Young Frankenstein’


Kameron Schmid, Arts and Culture editor
September 30, 2014

American River College’s theater department has many strong actors and actresses. But one of the last year’s newest, then-freshman Ashley Rose, made her presence known in a strong way. Rose played a naive young bridesmaid in the dark comedy “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress” directed by Nancy... Read more »

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