In Our Heads- Brooke Purves

Brooke Purves, Copy Chief
November 1, 2013

Book- “Hope: A Tragedy” by Shalom Auslander In this hysterically depressing novel, Auslander’s main character Solomon Kugel discovers a long-thought deceased icon of Jewish suffering taking refuge in his attic and considers if it’s time to just forget the past. Movie- “A Christmas Story”... Read more »

In Our Heads- Jorden Hales

Jorden Hales, News Editor
October 11, 2013

Book- “A Book of Common Prayer” Joan Didion is my favorite author, and this is one of her best books. I had to re-read it when I found out Christina Hendricks is starring in a new film adaptation that’s coming out next year. I think this one could be an Oscar-worthy film. Movie- “The Fifth Estate”... Read more »

In our heads–Brandon Nelson

Brandon Nelson, Staff Writer
September 25, 2013

Book: “Harry Potter” These books are on my mind because I just reread the entire series so I can see how they stack up against the films. In hindsight they were a great reminder on what it was like to be a kid again. Movie: “The Avengers” This is a great movie for any superhero fan. It may not... Read more »

In Our Heads- Jonathan H. Ellyson

Jonathan H. Ellyson, Arts and Culture Editor
September 9, 2013

Book: “Ender’s Game” – Orson Scott Card- My favorite book as a kid tells the story of Andrew Wiggin during his time in Battle School. Military programs start training ultra-young candidates after two alien attacks on humanity. Movie: “The Prestige”- This is definitely... Read more »

In our heads – Alisha Kirby

Alisha Kirby, Arts & Culture Editor
May 8, 2013

Book: “High Fidelity” – Nick Hornby - Our lonely, failing record store owning protagonist, Rob, is the perfect character. Actually, he’s incredibly flawed, but that’s the beauty of “High Fidelity.” He’s pathetic but relatable, shameless but humorous. This is definitely... Read more »

In Our Heads- Carlos Guerrerro

Carlos Guerrerro, Assistant Arts and Culture Editor
April 24, 2013

Book: Zombie Spaceship Wasteland – Patton Oswalt – On top of being a really funny comedian and appearing on TV and in movies, Patton Oswalt shows us his writing talent His onstafe success translates well into print with this hilariously descriptive book of essays and stories. It’s... Read more »

In Our Heads: Robert Aguilar


Robert Aguilar, Copy Editor
April 3, 2013

Book: “Where the Sidewalk Ends” – Shel Silverstein – Sometimes in our adulthood we need a reminder of how beautiful the world is and how easily we overcomplicate things. I have the perfect antidote: Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends.” This compilation of children’s... Read more »

In Our Heads- Steven Condemarin

Steven Condemarin, Feature Designer
March 13, 2013

Book: “Awkward Family Photos” – Although this book was meant to be the perfect coffee table book, I think that it really digs deep into the “classic” American family psyche. AFP really captures the sociology of today’s society. I think by reading and digesting this book correctly,... Read more »

In Our Heads: Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott, Co-Design Editor
February 27, 2013

Book: “In Cold Blood” – Truman Capote – With his knack for capturing vivid emotions, Capote easily created the most interesting first-hand account of history I’ve ever read. Throughout the manhunt and trial of two men that killed a rural Kansas family, Capote took meticulous notes, eventually... Read more »

In Our Heads: Jeff Gonzales

Jeff Gonzales, News Editor
February 13, 2013

(the above is an embedded playlist. You can click on the icon of overlapping rectangles with a triangle along the bottom of the player to see the other videos in the playlist, or just view them all straight through.) Movie: “The City Of Lost Children” – Before the mechanically inspired... Read more »

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