An award winning literary magazine, made by ARC students


Adnan Ramic, Design Editor
October 15, 2014

Art can be found all over the campus at American River College. From sculptures and artwork in and around the fine arts department to the Kaneko Art Gallery and poetry recitals. But not many students on campus realize that there is an award-winning literary magazine published from ARC’s campus, and... Read more »

“Super Smash Brothers” fans have a new favorite club at ARC

IMG_1903 copy

Brandon Nelson, Web Editor
October 15, 2014

“Super Smash Brothers” has been a cornerstone for Nintendo gaming consoles for over a decade. Because some students have grown up with the series, it’s no wonder there is now a “Smash” club at American River College. Now in it’s second semester, the club was created by ARC students Vlad Zebrov,... Read more »

Book review: ‘Tiny Giants’ by ARC professor Jason Sinclair Long

Joseph Daniels, Staff
October 14, 2014

While short on word count, Jason Sinclair Long’s flash fiction collection, “Tiny Giants: 101 Stories Under 101 Words,” is not short on imagination. The definition of flash fiction varies from person to person. It could range up to 300 or 1,000 words total. A popular example of flash fiction is... Read more »

Kaneko gallery’s new show, ‘Artworks from the High Desert’

Larry Williamson shows his viewers one of his favorite pieces called “Lunch Dancing Teapot” It was created using cone 6 ceramic, wood, and colored pencil.

Lindsey Martin, Staff
October 3, 2014

Two Nevada artists provided American River College students the opportunity to view pieces from their extensive collections at the James Kaneko Gallery’s second show of the semester, “Artworks From The High Desert.” Larry Williamson and Sharon Maczko had years worth of their work adorning the... Read more »

Book Review: ‘Circus Girl and Other Stories’


Joseph Daniels, Staff Writer
September 30, 2014

Lois Anne Abraham’s “Circus Girl and Other Stories,” offers brilliant snapshots into peoples’ lives. At Abraham’s finest moments, she makes the reader feel more of a voyeur than a reader. The collection features 16 stories, which opens up with its title story, “Circus Girl.” Most people... Read more »

A monster of a musical: ‘Young Frankenstein’ brings Mel Brooks to ARC


Kameron Schmid, Arts and Culture editor
September 30, 2014

A monster of a musical is being pieced together by American River College’s theater department, just in time for the month of Halloween. “Young Frankenstein” opens Oct. 10, and promises to be equal parts amusing and boisterous in production. Director Pamela Downs describes the talent level of the... Read more »

Ashley Rose: From young bridesmaid to ‘Young Frankenstein’


Kameron Schmid, Arts and Culture editor
September 30, 2014

American River College’s theater department has many strong actors and actresses. But one of the last year’s newest, then-freshman Ashley Rose, made her presence known in a strong way. Rose played a naive young bridesmaid in the dark comedy “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress” directed by Nancy... Read more »

Brony culture at ARC


William Cameron, Staff writers
September 30, 2014

When many think of “bronies,” their minds may immediately go to thoughts of a strange culture of middle aged men-children who are obsessed with “My Little Pony,” a show that is supposed to be for children, specifically little girls. Some bronies have been known to write fan fiction centered around... Read more »

Greek concept of planetary music, ‘Harmony of the Spheres’ is the subject of a lecture at ARC

Joseph Daniels, Staff
September 29, 2014

“Sound is the key to creation,” said music conductor Henrik Hansen during his lecture “The Harmony of the Spheres” on Sept. 18. The Harmony of the Spheres, or musica universalis, is a concept that was discovered by Greek philosopher Pythagoras. The idea is the celestial bodies, the sun, the moon,... Read more »

Jazz clinic at ARC features saxophone tips from a veteran of ARC


Jessica Vang, Staff
September 29, 2014

For anyone who wanted to get tips on playing the saxophone or learn more about jazz music, ARC Music Director Dr. Dyne Eifertsen and saxophonist Steve Lishman put together an event that was “all that jazz” on Sept. 11. Presented by the ARC music department and hosted by Eifertsen, the jazz clinic... Read more »

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