Local gaming studio recruiter gives a lecture at American River College

Speaker Brian Linville gave a lecture on how to break out into the gaming industry and get a job designing for gaming companies.

Brandon Nelson, Scene co-editor
April 21, 2015

The video game industry is continually growing as technology develops and with them comes a niche job market that is particularly hard to break into. Last Thursday the first lecture in an Art New Media series took place entitled “An Aspiring Artist’s Guide Towards Preparing For A Career in the Game... Read more »

Improv Club holds late night rave themed event


Cheyenne Drury, Co-Arts&Culture editor
April 20, 2015

Mouths full of marshmallows, brightly painted bodies and on the spot humor are some of the things that happened at American River College’s rave themed Improv Club event Thursday from 10 p.m. to midnight. Theater professor Pamela Downs holds three late night Improv events each semester for students... Read more »

Music, dance, and culinary programs pay “A Tribute To The War Years”


Nicholas Corey, Staff
April 20, 2015

The American River College music department hosted its third annual “A Tribute To The War Years” Friday. The department presented a Studio Jazz, Latin Jazz and Collective Jazz ensemble. Over 30 different numbers formed an assortment of songs from Frank Sinatra’s classic hits to “Save It For A... Read more »

“Rain Dance” mural to be dedicated in the science hall next week

"Rain Dance" will have a mural dedication on April 22, which is Earth Day. These ceramic murals were made from ARC's ceramics department and hanged over spring break.

Miranda Bolar, Staff
April 17, 2015

While students were on spring break, the ceramics department was assembling and hanging the new mural that was sculpted last semester in the American River College science department. Linda Gelfman teaches Art 398, the class where the mural is made before it is assembled and hung in the spring. This... Read more »

UNR’s jazz band performs for ARC


Lena DoBynes, Copy editor
April 14, 2015

The University of Nevada, Reno jazz band was invited to perform for the American River College Studio Jazz Ensemble and the rest of the campus on Thursday in music room 548. ARC was one of three stops for the band, which is on a mini tour in the Sacramento area and  has played at some of the local high... Read more »

ARC student and Film Producer works on two films

Jose Garcia, Co-Scene Editor
April 13, 2015

Alonzo Chism, an American River College student who has worked with hip-hop artists such as Mistah Fab and Krumbsnatcha of Gangstarr, is now working on two films. Chism is working on “Fight 4 Your Life” and on his own urban horror full-length feature film “Hood Damnation.” He began producing... Read more »

ARC concert features Riverrun Quartet jazz band

American River College holds a jazz recital put together by music professor, Dyne Eifersten, and included jazz recitals and showcased art made by faculty and students.

Mychael Jones, Staff
April 13, 2015

Dyne Eifertsen, a professor of jazz studies and the chair of the American River College music department, performed in a free jazz recital concert to showcase ARC faculty artwork. Eifertsen plays in the The Riverrun Quartet jazz band, a group of local Sacramento jazz musicians who performed on March... Read more »

ARC professor’s new novel gets notable reviews

American River College professor, Christian Kiefer, speaking at SummerWords last year. Kiefer's most recent publication, "The Animals" is getting big reviews.

Cheyenne Drury, Co-Arts & Culture editor
April 9, 2015

His newly released novel “The Animals” has been featured in the Sacramento Bee and was reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle and by the author of “California” Edan Lepucki who was interviewed on the Colbert Report. Christian Kiefer is an English professor here at American River College and... Read more »

“Seven from Axis” is being held at the Kaneko Gallery here at ARC

Meredith Durham, Staff
April 7, 2015

“Seven from Axis” is the current showcase in Kaneko Gallery, and an artist’s reception was held to celebrate a few of their pieces. The showcase features seven different artist’s work, personally selected by each to display in the showcase. The showcase features glazed bowls, inkjet photographs... Read more »

A look Inside Kaneko Art Gallery

April 7, 2015

  Video Credit: Noor Abasi A look inside at all work currently in the American River College Kaneko Art Gallery.

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